Group Assignment 2 -- Submission here

Students should form 4 member groups. Each group should find a nickname. Members should stick to their groups throughout the course. The tasks each group is charged with is to prepare and present in class the assigned cases (2 for each group) and to write a short essay. The administration of the group, including the organization of meetings and the write-ups, is left to the group, by the understanding that this is a valuable managerial skill.

The tasks each group is charged with are:
1. Prepare a class presentation related to a case study included in the textbook or a Research Task included at the end of each textbook's chapter(assigned by the instructor)
2. Prepare a class presentation and a short paper (10 to 15 pages) on one of the topics suggested by the instructor (see the list below)
Task 2 is the one requiring the largest effort
Each presentation is expected to utilize standard software for class presentation. The time allocated to each presentation is 10 minutes for task 1 , 20 minutes for task 2. After each presentation 5 to 10 minutes will be allocated to class discussion.

Each group member will be asked to confidentially rate the overall effectiveness and contribution of his or her individual group colleagues, on a scale of 1 to 4, in the individual Final Exam. This rating by group colleagues will contribute to final mark (see Peer evaluation).