Business Analytics - Decision Analysis 2022/2023

Further information on the course.

·      Goals: The aim of the course is to provide students with a first introduction to the topics of (prescriptive) business analytics manageable by decision analysis and optimization tools. Students should achieve the ability to:

1) Model real world problem;

2) Solve basic formulations of deterministic decision problems;

3) Solve basic formulations of decision making problems under uncertainty;

4) Apprise the solution, performing sensitivity analysis;


·      Structure of the course: Teaching and learning activities include face-to-face lectures and practice sessions. The instructor presents management problems modelled through quantitative methods, together with the theoretical background and the solution by dedicated softwares. In particular, lectures and practice sessions use Excel, its AddIns, and a software web based. Students are strongly recommended to bring their own PC to classes.

·      Reading material: students will mainly study on the slides.

·      Exam: The grade is entirely (100%) awarded by a written exam through an on-line platform. The assignment includes both multiple choice questions and open-ended numerical questions, with no specific proportion between them. Students will take the exam either on their own PC or using University’s computers. No partial exams will be organized.

·      Office hours: each instructor will have his/her office hours once per week. For organizational purposes, pre-enrollment is recommended: students should write to the instructors if they plan to attend to the office hour by sending them an email. Time and location are on-line and they might be subject to changes.