Global Markets and Economic Policies (Topics in global markets) 2021/2022

The course analyzes the determinants and consequences of the increasing international integration of markets. After an introduction on globalisation and economic growth the course tries to understand international trade flows of good and services. In so doing, it presents the fundamental models of international trade theory. These highlight the distinction between the efficiency and the equity effects of trade policy. Such distinction is crucial to comprehend the political economy of international trade policy with its drive towards multilateral trade agreements on the one side, and the resistance to them by various pressure groups on the other side. The managerial implications of the material presented are discussed.
Understanding the dynamics of international markets is nowadays a necessity for most high-level managers. The purpose of the course is to build a framework of analysis that enables students to understand the challenges of international trade and investment and to master the opportunities they represent by formulating strategies that will enable businesses to succeed in the international business environment.
Upon completion of the course the student will have an appreciation and understanding of the general nature of globalization, and its impact on countries, firms and individuals.
The format of the course is based on lectures by the instructor, class discussions and class presentations