Logistics Management 2021/2022

Welcome to Logistics Management! Fierce competition in today’s global marketplace, the introduction of products with shorter life cycles, the continuing advances in communications and technology, and the increasing expectations of customers have forced companies to invest in, and focus on, their logistics and supply chain sysyems. Logistics and Supply chain professionals manage and coordinate the flow of products from raw materials to the finished goods making them available on your local store shelf (or online retailer) at the right price and time. It is a key reason that you can buy an ever-increasing variety of goods and services. This course will provide you with the basic principles and some advanced applications of the subject of logistics management to prepare you for the remainder of programme of study. If you are new to this subject you will gain appreciation of the complexity and diversity of the subject. If have previous experience of logistics and/or supply chain management you will gain fresh insights from current thinking in this rapidly expanding discipline. We hope you enjoy this course! Your teaching team: prof Alessandro Creazza Ms Martina Baglio Dr Yari Borbon