The course is aimed to face the phenomenon of digitalization of companies in a systemic perspective and to overcome the fragmentation brought about by a partial and selective disciplinary approach. The course develops an interdisciplinary perspective of the matter by providing students with the basic conceptual tools to understand and manage the organizational change brought about by the implementation of digital technologies.
At the end of the course students will be able to:
a) understand the need of change within the organization and the design of the organizational forms of companies as well as public administrations, in response to the impact that information and communication technologies (ICT) exert on processes, operational and managerial behaviors and tasks;
b) develop Organizational Design solutions to specific "critical situations" of work digitalization and organizational planning in companies and public administrations, according to a business logic;
c) build suitable communication skills;
d) develop learning skills for interpreting ICT investment plan, digitalization programs of organizational processes, structures, performance control systems, and organizational positions